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Important progress has been made in the study of ultrastable laser

Release time:2018-03-20

Recently, the national time service center researcher Jiang Haifeng Zhang Shougang, led by femtosecond optical comb and its application research team has made significant progress in the study of the ultrastable laser, technical indicators have reached the international advanced level.

The team used an electro-optic modulator independent design and development, greatly reduces the residual amplitude modulation noise of laser PDH frequency locking technology, the success of the 1555 nano fiber laser frequency locking in ultra low expansion glass (ULE) optical reference cavity on the resonant frequency. By comparing two sets in the different laboratories within the ultra stable laser system, the measured stable laser beat frequency linewidth of 185mHz, short term frequency stability up to 7 * 10-16, the results will be published in September this year, Chinese Physics letters, the electro-optic modulator of the experimental results published in the American Journal of Optics Letters optical society, and has applied for PCT international the United States Patent and patent "PCT/CN2016/070552".

In the field of ultra stable optical frequency standard, laser source, ultra precision micro ultrastable spectra, gravitational wave detectors have very important applications, is one of the focus of competition of international precision measurement. At present, the team developed the ultrastable laser system has been successfully applied to the ultra stable optical generation of microwave research project, provide favorable support for the optical clock system will also bear the national time service center development, base development, optical fiber fountain clock frequency transfer project.