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International Leading Technology To Provide Performance Testing Services

For the basic physics research, the new material structure exploration, the new function device development provides

each kind of micro-nano scale optoelectronic structure design, the processing, the test complete set solution.

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A complete and exclusive cooperative agency

Tianjin Institute of electronic information, Tsinghua University

Optoelectronic chip technology center

The technology center of optoelectronic chip covers an area of about 800 square meters, of which 100 square meters of yellow light area. Optoelectronic devices equipment R & D center has complete equipment, a total investment of more than 200 million yuan, representing the world's top level of micro nano processing and structure / material characterization, support the development of III-V semiconductor, silicon semiconductor, two-dimensional materials, flexible materials and metal materials optoelectronic chip, special process module and has a plurality of nanometer scale and the advanced characterization module; testing laboratory equipment can also provide international leading chip testing and analysis technology


A strong team of technical consultants

Micro nanopoptoelectronic Laboratory of Tsinghua University

The research group was established in 2004, formed by the Changjiang Scholars ("new century talents project national candidate), strong research team, senior research / personnel and more than graduate students who, in the photonic crystal and surface acoustic optical / plasmonic waveguide devices, silicon photonics and quantum devices in the study made a number of the breakthrough, a member of the research team has been in the" Nature Photonics "and" Scientific Reports "and other world-renowned journals published papers.


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